I always try to adapt to the needs and level of my clients, both in group classes and private classes. The education that I offer can be divided into two categories Commercial and Creative.

The Commercial category is designed mainly for the hairsalon, working  different and new techniques, but which are still applicable in the commercial client.

The Creative category is designed for the hairdresser who seeks to improve his/hers artistic side. By learning techniques that mixed with new ideas or some inspiration, you can create your own collections, but that also works for jobs in the world of fashion and / or education.


Write me or give me a call to discuss what would be best for you.


The seminars are for small groups up to a max. of 10 people or they can be private classes.

A seminar consists of 2 parts. A part where I demonstrate the technique while explaining the process step by step. And another part with hands on where the client can put into practice the learned technique, working on a doll head or model.

Master class:

Look and Learn for groups of 20 to 250 people. This is a class where I present a technique or several techniques from a collection. There is a part where I teach the technique step by step, I also show works pre-done so that you can see several styles with the same technique or several techniques within the same collection.


A show is for a large audience, for example between 300 – 4000 people, and it is a more visual experience with music and catwalk, but usually there is also part where some work process is shown. The looks for a show are a bit more artistic to give inspiration, comparable to a fashion show.

Write me or give me a call to discuss what would be best for you.