For an Hair Artist, it is like for every other artists, a challenge to keep reinventing yourself. I have lived in different parts of the world and travelled a lot with my scissors over the years. I love to observe other cultures, and get inspired by artists around the world, and I have gathered a lot of experience on my journey since I graduated from “Copenhagen West Education Center” in Denmark.
After working my first 7 years in a salon in Copenhagen and doing education in collaboration with Wella, I needed a change and decided to move to Buenos Aires to work with fashion. I worked for 3 years in Argentina, as a hairstylist on the catwalk and making campaigns with some of the biggest clothing brands in Argentina.
In 2014 I moved to Spain where I first worked for Sebastian professional and Vidal Sassoon in Barcelona. But after a year I moved to Madrid and started working with X-presion.
(X-presion is a very versatile team mostly dedicated to developing new techniques and fashion tendencies with innovative hair designs. X-presion don’t have a salon, but travel around the world with their education programs and shows, always enjoying to share their newest inventions).
I worked for 6 years as Art Director and Educator in X-presion, but in 2021 I decided to go back to Copenhagen to be X-presion's ambassador in Scandinavia.
Now as Head Director for X-presion Nordic, I offer our educational programs here, as well as fashion work on Catwalks and Productions, and it is also possible to get an exclusive appointment for a normal salon service.

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